Welcome to Dana Ink Diaries!

Hi Everyone,

I'll introduce myself so you know a bit about me!

I am Dana and I live in Melbourne, Victoria. I am the 'little spoon' from our about us page and my partner Drew is the 'big spoon'. I have always been a lover of organisation, home decor, clean spaces, craft and DIY. It wasn't until my partner Drew one day suggested that instead of buying items to organise our house I should make my own. So I started doing that and absolutely loved the creative process, so we decided to start Dana Ink and share my enjoyment with others. We have been running almost for a year now and have had some really fun/creative projects along the way.

For me the time I spend crafting and DIYing is an opportunity to learn but also is a form of meditation for me, I find it super relaxing! I decided that starting a blog would be fun (whether anyone reads it or not haha!), to share my tips & tricks for home organisation/DIY, recipes (I am fructose intolerant, dairy intolerant, gluten intolerant & allergic to nuts!), photos of our adorable puppy (BECAUSE who doesn't love puppy spam!), travel and anything lifestyle.

Quick facts about me:

  • Favourite drink? Chai latte!

  • Favourite snack? Popcorn with melted choc or cinnamon

  • Sweet or savoury? Sweet ALL THE WAY!

  • Dog or cat? Massive dog person!!

  • Morning or night person? Definitely morning, I am ready for bed at like 8pm!

  • Favourite Youtuber? Sarah's Day, she is so amazing and has inspired my health and fitness #sezzysquad

  • Favourite TV Show? I cannot pick one; Friends, Gilmore Girls and Charmed!

  • Favourite shop? For the house Kmart, Target or IKEA and for clothes either Myer or Cotton On.

  • Favourite colour? Blush pink or mint.

  • Ideal Sunday? Breakfast with my partner and our gorgeous puppy Rufus, then for a walk. Following by some self care; bubble bath, face mask and binge watching Netflix or Youtube on the couch with some popcorn.

  • Favourite space I have organised? Kitchen, in love with our pantry!

  • Favourite DIY item? We made our kitchen table as we just couldn't find one we liked - cost us about $100 and it is perfect!

  • Favourite quote? 'Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class'.

  • Favourite city? London, England

Bye for now!

Dana xoxo